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About equipment for use with UniCom

To use audio and video features of Indiana University's UniCom service, you will need appropriate equipment. Only certain telephone models will work in UniCom Enterprise Voice mode; see below for details. In UniCom Basic mode, you'll keep your traditional desk phone, if applicable, but you can purchase a headset to make PC-to-PC calls. For more about UniCom modes and features, see IU UniCom feature comparison.

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Obtaining audio equipment from UITS

About obtaining equipment from UITS

  • IUB and IUPUI: When existing staff convert from traditional telephone equipment to UniCom, departments receive basic equipment for employees at no charge. As part of this basic bundle, each staff member using Enterprise Voice mode can get either a headset or a phone listed below.

    When establishing Enterprise Voice service for a new phone number, installation charges include either a headset or a phone, and are based on the type of equipment requested. For a given employee, charges also apply for additional devices. For rates, see:

  • Other campuses: Consult your campus IT group to determine how to obtain equipment.

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Models available from UITS include:

  • Phones for individuals:

    • Windows and Mac: Polycom CX300 Desktop Phone
      • This phone plugs into your computer with a USB cable; you must be logged into your computer to use the phone.

    • Stand-alone phone: Polycom CX600 Desktop Phone
      • In some cases, a computer is not available, and you will need a stand-alone phone. Use the CX600 IP desktop phone, which connects to your data jack.

  • Conference room phones: When converting existing analog phones in conference rooms, UITS will provide a Polycom CX600 Desktop Phone (a stand-alone phone model). If your department does not have an existing analog phone, desires additional equipment, or wants equipment with additional functionality instead of the CX600, email Communications Convergence to arrange equipment purchase. UITS recommends the Polycom CX3000 for conference rooms where enhanced functionality is desired.

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Many different headsets work well with UniCom clients in both UniCom Basic and UniCom Enterprise Voice. UITS will provide one of the headsets listed below to departments at IUB and IUPUI, but if you already have a headset, it will most likely work to make and receive calls.

If your plan is converted to Enterprise Voice mode, you can request a headset instead of a phone device. Available models include:

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Departmental purchase of equipment


Many different headsets work well with UniCom clients in both UniCom Basic and UniCom Enterprise Voice. If you already have a headset, it will most likely work to make and receive calls. If you plan to purchase one, you may wish to consider the models listed above, or for assistance in choosing a headset, email Communications Convergence.

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For UniCom video calls, you'll need a webcam if you want the other people on the call to be able to see you, but if they have a camera, you can make a video call and see them without having a webcam yourself.

UITS does not provide webcams; departments that want to provide them for employees can order them as described below.

Many different webcams should work with UniCom. For Microsoft's recommendations, see Phones and devices qualified for Microsoft Lync.

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How to purchase equipment

For departmental purchases, order from CDW-G using the Kuali Financial System (KFS) for negotiated contract prices.

Alternatively, you can search at the Indiana University FSS Purchasing Page, which may offer easier navigation. (Depending on your department's policy, you may need to make your actual purchase through the KFS.)

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For an introduction to UniCom, including how-to PDFs and videos, see UniCom.