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Accounts and Passphrases

Eligibility, types, quotas, passphrases, passwords, request access, logging in, CAS, Address Book information ...


Setup, forwarding, attachments, viruses, spam, lists, finding addresses, Imail, Umail, Webmail, Exchange ...

Internet, Phone, and Video Connections

Network connections, on-campus, wireless, VPN, ISPs, dial-up, setup instructions, telephones, cellular, videoconferencing ...

Labs, Classrooms, and Instructional Resources

Locations, hours, seat finder, reservations, printing, adaptive technology, accessibility, course development, assistance for instructors ...

Software and Hardware

IUware and IUanyWare, deals on hardware/software, software on campus, computer repair ...

Training and Workshops

STEPS, tutorials, certification, seminars, user groups, training requests ...

Web Publishing

Central hosting, personal pages, departmental pages, web content management, web development tools, policies ...

Information Systems

Administrative systems, decision support, application development, operations ...

Scholarly Cyberinfrastructure

Supercomputing, research services and software, storage, visualization, GIS, SDA, RSF ...

Security and Policies

Recommendations, security tools, bulletins, e-commerce, report an incident, virus alerts, fair use ...

Notices and Alerts

News and Events

When online tech and creative training collide
Get training on loads of programs; Digital-Tutors for design topics is the most recent addition.
What to do if Box is asking you to change your password
Box also has a vendor password; you do not need to change your IU password when you connect through IU.
Introducing the IT News & Events website
Find the latest on everything from IU's supercomputer, Big Red II, and security bug Heartbleed to high-tech teaching tools and privacy tips.
Summer of Networking program now offered for college credit
The two for-credit classes offered through the School of Informatics and Computing is open to all IU students.
RT: Ramping up GitHub, retiring Subversion
Research Technologies recently decided to phase out Subversion in favor of GitHub
IU's security structure keeps it agile in times of crisis
IU combines IT and physical security under one umbrella for agile responses to emergencies.

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