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About your Cyrus mail storage space

Important: UITS will retire the Cyrus (Webmail) service on February 2, 2015. After this date, the contents of mail accounts on Cyrus will not be recoverable. For more, see About the Cyrus (Webmail) retirement and At IU, how do I move my Cyrus (Webmail) account to Exchange?

The default storage space on your Cyrus mail account is 500 MB. In IU Webmail, your usage is displayed just below the navigation bar. The first number is how much space you're using in megabytes (MB); the second number is your total available space; the third number, in parentheses, is the percentage of space you're using.

You can clean up your account by deleting stored messages; see In IU Webmail, how do I delete messages? If you use an email client such as Windows Live Mail, Mac OS X Mail, or Thunderbird to access your Cyrus mail account, you can delete messages from within that program; for instructions, consult the program's Help menu.

In particular, try to delete messages with large attachments. Also, check the sent-mail folders (which contain copies of all messages you have sent) and delete messages you don't need.