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ARCHIVED: Browsers

A browser is software that accesses and displays pages and files on the web. Browsers require a connection to the Internet (e.g., through a cable modem, a direct Ethernet connection, or Wi-Fi). Popular web browsers include Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Firefox is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Internet Explorer is only available for Windows. Safari is available for Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows.

Firefox is available to Indiana University users in all of the Student Technology Centers (STCs). Internet Explorer is available in the Windows STCs; Safari is available in the Macintosh STCs. Firefox and Internet Explorer are available via IUware at:


Many alternative browsers are available if you do not wish to use those described above. Android and BlackBerry mobile devices have their own web browsers. Alternative browsers include Chrome, Opera, and a number of others; for more, see the Dmoz web clients page.

If you have an older computer that cannot run current browsers, you might consider downloading an older version or an alternate browser. Though you won't be able to use certain web services from these programs, they will give you basic access. For a comprehensive resource, visit evolt.org's browser archive of dozens of programs. It includes new browsers designed to be compatible with lower-end systems (e.g., Opera, iCab), as well as programs dating from the web's early days (e.g., Cello, Mosaic).