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Indiana University

At IU, how do I make a VPN connection with my Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device?

To configure a connection to Indiana University's VPN in your Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device:

  1. From the Start menu, select Settings, and then tap the Connections tab.

  2. Tap the Connections icon, and then the Advanced tab.

  3. Tap Select Networks. Under "Programs that automatically connect to a private network should connect using:", tap Edit. Tap the VPN tab.

  4. Tap New. The Make New Connection dialog box will appear. In the "Name:" field, enter a name for your connection. You may enter what you like.

  5. In the "Hostname" field, enter ipsec.indiana.edu (for Bloomington) or ipsec.iupui.edu (for IUPUI).

  6. Select IPSec, and tap Next

  7. On the screen labeled "Authenticate IPSec/L2TP connections using:", select A pre-shared key, and then enter the following into the text box: hermanbwells
  8. Tap Next.

  9. Enter your username and password. In the domain field, enter ADS . Tap Next.

  10. Tap the Advanced tab.

  11. Make sure User server-assigned IP address is selected.

  12. Uncheck all other boxes, and then select the Servers tab.

  13. Select User server-assigned addresses. Tap OK, and then Finish.

  14. You are now back at the My Work Network window. Tap OK.

  15. Under "Programs that automatically connect to the Internet should connect using:", select anything other than My Work Network.

  16. Under "Programs that automatically connect to a private network should connect using:", select My Work Network.

  17. Tap Exceptions.

  18. In "URL exceptions:", tap Add New URL... .

  19. In the open field, enter *.*/* (i.e., an asterisk, a dot, another asterisk, a slash, and another asterisk).

  20. Tap OK, and then tap OK again.

  21. Under "Select what your network card connects to", tap Network Card.

  22. Select the Network Adapters tab.

  23. In the drop-down list under "My network card connects to:", select The Internet.

  24. Tap OK.