Indiana University

Client Services and Support

The Support division provides technology support services for students, faculty, and staff on the IUB and IUPUI campuses. The support is broad, deep, and structured to assist all IU affiliates with the use of technology in their work, studies, and research. Support is available via individual assistance, in the online IU Knowledge Base, in Student Technology Centers and campus housing, and to departmental and IT staff on the campuses.

The division also provides telephone operator services, negotiates major software and hardware contracts, and manages and distributes enterprise software.


Empowering the IU community to succeed through excellent IT services and support


  • Success through empowering people
  • Understanding our customers' needs
  • Participating in meaningful partnerships
  • Providing an environment for innovation
  • Outstanding service is our norm
  • Respect and integrity underpinning all
  • Teamwork and communication in everything we do


Utilize innovation, technology, and human resources to provide best-of-class IT support, services, and user communication to the IU community


Sue Workman
Associate Vice President, Client Services and Support

Cathy O'Bryan
Director, Client Support

Duane Schau
Director, Client Services

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Organizational charts

Client Services teams

IUanyWare Virtualization Services Software virtualization for use in the IUanyWare environment
Leveraged Services Enterprise services to support schools, departments, and campuses in reducing overhead for managing and delivering applications
Student Technology Computing Services for both desktop and mobile users through applications delivered to Student Technology Centers (STC) workstations, thin clients, and mobile devices
Support Systems, Licensing, and Software Distribution Software distribution and licensing, support systems development and administration

Client Support teams

Contact Center Campus information, directory assistance, teleconferencing, and emergency response services
Engineering and Technology IT Management IT management services for schools and administrative units
Executive and Internal Technology Support IT services and support for IU executives and immediate representatives
Geological Sciences IT Management IT support for graduate students, faculty, and staff within Geological Sciences
HELPnet Technology Services Assistance with technological, security, and telecommunication needs
IT Community Partnerships UITS outreach to schools, units, and campuses
Knowledge Management Maintains Knowledge Base repository and content in UITS web space
SPEA IT Management Technology consultation and support for SPEA Bloomington
Support Center IT support via phone, walk-in, email, live chat